In youth, we looked at the world in wonder. As we grew up, this feeling faded. Let’s renew it. Come explore Big Ideas from philosophy, science, and fiction.


Our Mission
To build an online community dedicated to the exploration of Big Ideas from philosophy, science, and fiction.

Our Vision
To rekindle philosophia–the love of wisdom–the sense of wonder in all of us.

Our Story
The giant’s name was Chaos, and it threatened to swallow Justarius whole. For years, Justarius sought his place in the world to no avail until he found The Book: The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant. With great joy, he discovered that he was a philosopher, and the giant vanished.

The year was 2006. Eager to find peers, Justarius typed “philosophy” into Google and discovered…that the top hit was a skin care line by Sephora. Wow. So he created his own site. Philoscifi is more than a subject; it’s a conversation–the random, late night, free flowing kind that sets your mind on fire.

Join us. Make comments, ask questions, suggest topics. Let’s wonder together.


Our Wonderers-in-Residence



Thinker – This name reminds me of “justice” and starry night skies.


Phil Safari

Lover (of Pain!) – Nothing makes you learn like your pants on fire, let me tell you. I share my lessons to save you some pain…maybe.


Many Waters

Seeker of Beauty – Photographer and sometime poet, trying to capture and express Moments in Time. Inspirations: John Muir, Kahlil Gibran.


Proud Wolf

From “Proud wolf alone in the dark”, a line from the ending song of Xenogears. It expresses my character: I am no stranger to the passion, the cold, pride, loneliness, and loss; and I am acquainted with the night.

The name also recalls Lykos (Greek for wolf) and its link with the Lyceum of Aristotle, that classical center of science and philosophy which was named after Apollo Lykeios (wolf-god Apollo).