Yosemite at night

Yosemite at night

It was a cold clear September night. I glanced down. The valley was ablaze with artificial lights. A full moon loomed above. I shook my head in dismay. I had travelled the whole country to be here, and the only night I would stand above famed Yosemite valley was lit as bright as day. How was I suppose to see the stars? (more…)

Necessity of nature

zion national park

“Man has created some lovely dwellings – some soul-stirring literature.

He has done much to alleviate physical pain.

But he has not…
created a substitute for a sunset,
a grove of pines,
the music of the winds,
the dank smell of the deep forest,
or the shy beauty of a wildflower.”

Harvey Broome, Naturalist (From a plaque in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

Picture: River in Zion National Park

Fall colors

Fall colors

How I love the fall. The reds, the yellows…and every shade in between. It’s as if the leaves know that they’re dying and let forth one last burst of creativity and color. What an exit!

Perhaps we could learn from the leaves. None of us know exactly when we’ll go, but let’s make the most of our time while while we are here.